We love extreme lifestyle, mountains, snow and software development

We write the code high quality code

We solve issues and implement features

We often use javascript node.js, external API and databases

The development process is simple
— it's Agile/SCRUM with 1-2 weeks sprints
— Every day is a small sprint
Agile Scrum Sprints

How does it work?

We contact a customer
often to clarify requirements

functionality at the end of the day

Deep diving into feature requirements / SCRUM planning
Development feature implementation
Automated tests cover functionality
Flexible codebase ready for change requests
Safe functionality growth

Kinds of projects

Charge batteries In the ongoing projects

Develop Projects from scratch

We love pair programing.
It has many pros and the most important here is to speed up the developing process

It helped us to make these cool projects:

We’re proudly partnering with Tresorit, the cloud encryption company to integrate their End-to-End Encryption technology into your apps. Contact us if you’d like to discuss a project. To learn more about ZeroKit, check out https://tresorit.com/zerokit

CEO Eugene Tsukanov
CEO Eugene Tsukanov
CTO Slava Hatnuke
CTO Slava Hatnuke

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